Visiting Relatives in Kratie

We left PP at 5.45 and reached Kratie at 9. It was quite a ride. The road was all good.

We first stop at aunty's house (father in law's side) to sen our ancestor

There's river at the back

Inside the House

Grandma (Father's in law side) She passed away 5 years ago

Grandpa (Father in law's side)

Then we went off to pagoda.

ME~* and the kids

You know who


Walking from Pagoda to Grandma's houses

To my surprise, the house was built in the year of my mum's birth year

Sen daun ta again to welcome me to the family

Saying goodbye to grandma

Tvay bang kum lea mday :)

ws with Aunty Pov and Mother in law

The final shot


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