November 2011

Some months, I am just so busy.

01: NGBs meeting
02: Pirate of the Caribbean Premier Nigh
03: Neat's 3rd Birthday
04: Beck's Wedding
05: Kathen/Bang  Ne's Birthday
06: Funeral
07: Second Cousin's Wedding
08: Vandy&Vansok's Wedding
09: Holiday begins!
10: Photoshooting
11: Trip to KPS/Virak's Brother's Wedding
12: Trip to KPS
13: Trip to KPS
14: Back to WORK (as hell)
19: DM's 1st Birthday
20: Mum's Friend's Daughter's Wedding


  1. who is your second cousin's wedding?

    are you joining mum's friend's daughter's wedding?

  2. That is good for a busy life. You know what that mean? Make every new year come faster.... :)

  3. Touch: កូនអ៊ុំសាអ៊ិ I'm not too sure yet but grandma seems to suggest me to go.

    Banana: I'm not too sure if having the new year come sooner would be a happy thing or a pressure to me :S

  4. Life always changing...I think it good for us to have pressure in life. The day when we leave this earth, we all can relax and sleep 24 hours. :) :)

  5. Banana: Life eh!
    Touch: I don't know. I'm going this evening. Will let you know then!


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