Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Evening

I had a rough evening. I received critics and you know I was not pleased. Suck even more when I wheeled the car out, a ball hit the left side right where I sat. How reckless the player was! Obviously, he saw me coming out. It's a gate way, come on! He could have stopped for one freaking moment to let me leave but he chose to continue. I again wasn't pleased and this time sizzled with a little madness.

So I was not in the mood to eat crappy food at home. Mum is not here, food ain't the same. How I wish mum could come home sooner. I rang Nak and he was at Park Cafe. Crap. I had to make my way back to where I could have spent just 10mns to arrive. But this is going to take me 30mns and it did.

I walked in and I saw his back turned to me. It reminded me of all those time we hang out at the Coffee shop while we were still dating. I was mostly late and he was always there waiting. A great moment flashed back and I forgot about those things I've just encountered.

This is a plus for his big smile :)

Me and my appetizer ចាយ៉
I was expected a mixture of spring rolls but it turned out the Menu is yet changed :(

So I had to eat them

Here's my main dish. It tastes pretty good.

Here's something I noticed. A little abnormal but I wouldn't dare judging they are having a wrong wording. It's just I've heard more of សាច់...ឆាខ្ញី/ម្រេច but they had in the other way round. My thinking was it's a little more of a direct translation from English while there's Khmer wording available. Shame?

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Phossdey said...

oh yeah, shame on them! But who care while you have big lovely smile from your hubby. oh that's all i want in this life. hahaha