The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Here comes another new coffee shop in town: the coffee bean & tea leaf.

I'm still on my holiday while Nak is already back to work. Groan him lol... while Nak bang is still in her pajama, I have no one to come for a coffee with me. So here I am all alone sipping coffee to my heart contents. This is not sad. I'm loving the moment having to care nothing but what a delicious coffee

cappuccino single shot is a little too sweet for me. Here they serve in a little different way than the other. No large or small, it is either single or two shots of coffee. The cup is pretty huge already. This costs me 3.2$ ain't cheap Eh?

Croissant for 1$ while I could have 2 at Coffee Plus. I'm just saying :P Overall, coffee is smooth and fresh. Very easy to drink. I love it but I wouldn't go for croissant here


  1. It costs CHF1.2 for one croissant here. Cafe market in Cambodia is very competitive now. Wondering if all the shops will stay open in years time?

  2. I'm still waiting for Starbucks to come to town, though. :)


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