Donation to Elder at Oudong

Grandma hasn't been well with her old age. She tends to worry a lot about her health. Mum had this thought: maybe it's good to show her that the age has something to do with the health. So off we went to Oudong. Understood that it's our originality as well. My grandfather was from Oudong. 

After lunch, we gathered the elderly of around 150 people at Sala Chan and simply had a chit chat about health and the old age. It kicked off a little awkward yet went smoothly as people evolved. How life could sometimes be the same nowhere where you live.

So, as a token of appreciation for their participation, we give each one Sarong and KHR 5,000. We also played a game. It's mum's idea. We seek the eldest who came to the meeting and we found an 86 years old lady. To everyone's surprise, we gave her KHR 400,000. Further, we gave the 85 year old lady KHR 50,000 for her age is too close to winning.

The day ended very well though I was extremely exhausted due to the heat upon my return.