I've been meaning to keep my blog alive. By that, I mean to post regularly. And my regularly means more than one entry a month haha... the thing is, there has been so many thing happened since I last blogged. Somehow I failed to find the time to put them into words. And that's no excuse I've always told myself not to mention but well,... I just did :)

I'm on no holiday. It's been 3 busy months with my new endeavor. Right, I've moved from law firm to a bank, a Malaysian Bank. It's been a challenge and a lot of lesson I've learnt and yet encountered. I've work way harder than I could ever imagined myself doing. So I'm proud to say I'm proud of myself hahaha...

I've been fighting too hard. I took no day off, I took no rest. Now, I'm catching a fever on the very last day before new year. Sick of the sickness.


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