Late Night & Ben 7

I'm on leave but did more than when I was at work (I'm just exaggerating teehee...). Despite the full time job, I had to run few errands for personal matters. It was a little frustrating knowing I might fail anyone's expectation. So I have to remind myself that I'm only human and today sure is a useful day. I really hope no urgent calls during my trip to Taiwan ^_^

Anyway, it's Ben 7. Mum, my brother and I went to Pagoda to pray for our ancestor.
Mummy Jol Bun


 Since the Pagoda is close to our holiday home, we dropped by and picked lemon.


  1. what is mummy doing exactly on the last picture?

  2. she was holding a stick and walking toward bang phoung as if she was going to wipe the hell out of him or something? lol

  3. You cracked the hell outta me hahahahaha...


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