Song Saa Private Island: Day 1

We've all heard of the good things. But not all the time the opportunity is given. Well, mine starts with an attractive offer which my dear Somally requested from her friend for me. Then it happens that I and W want the same thing. So, we concluded to go to Koh Song Saa for our mini honeymoon.

Since we had to catch a speed boat at 10:30 a.m., we left home at 6:30 a.m. thinking that 4 hours will do. We took National Road No.3 thinking that it was a smart choice which turned out to be a wrong one. There were bike racing along the road which cost us approximately 30mns on 40km/h drive. We was nervous that we may have to take wooden boat to the island. Somally's experience flashes in my thought, 3 hours on a small boat going against a high and strong wave without life jacket and no land was in sight wasn't what a honeymoon (not even a mini one) is supposed to be.

So once we passed the group of bike racing, we did pull our gear and speed as fast as we could and we arrived exactly 10.30 a.m. at Sihanouk Ville Port No. 1. We were second to arrive. So  I was pleased that we are able to take the speed boat.

Here's our speed boat in white awaits the arrival of guests.

Here's young captain who did more than a captain does. He was the first to greet us with cold towel, soft drinks, a little mixed fresh fruit and a brief story of the island. It was a pleasant welcome. 
Here we have W & ME~* in our little cozy spot where we spent 45mns cuddling from mainland to Koh Song Saa. Since the sun rise from the sea and set by the mountain, daytime is shorter than nigh time. Therefore, the island is set to be an hour ahead of mainland. It was said to help guest spend their quality time appropriately at the island.

When we arrived, our room wasn't ready. So we were nicely asked to have our lunch and they would inform us as soon as the room is ready. It was noon but we weren't very hungry, we decided to explore the island as we wait. After awhile, we decided that we had enough of the sun and went in for our lunch.

W had wine as he order beef, I had Blue Margarita as I was by the sea. We, drinkers, start drinking that early hehe... . We finished our lunch with Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Cake.

Back to our beautiful room, I had a good time inspecting the glasses floor of our living room, the breath taking view as we opened the door, the sea blue private pool connected to the real sea and the unlimited stock of food and beverage.

We enjoyed the pool for a while, then swim in the sea. As we get tired of playing plainly with the wave, we tried snorkeling nearby our room. As the water was rather deep in the over water view Vila, we decided to walk to Koh Bong for more shallow water in order to see more reserved fishes and sea plants. We found beautiful fishes, colorful ones, small ones, ones with pattern and those we weren't aware was alive, actually is a living ones. Amazing how nature creates us all.

We washed ourselves and decided to relax with a bottle of champagne.

W is trying to do outperform his job, so I gave him an unknown thumb up lolz...

 It took our breath away. I couldn't have asked for a better evening spent at a place and time like this. 

After the sun set, we went for our dinner at a dusk view. Once again, another breath taking view with excellent menu and five stars services.
End of Day 1


Phossdey said…
Speed up, Cuddling, drinkers hahahahaha

I thought Lok Bang Nak cooperated with the thump. That's cool one!