Song Saa Private Island: Day 2

We went to bed kind of early as we had loads of drinks. We surprisingly woke up at 8 a.m. and prepare ourselves for breakfast.

My hot cappuccino by the sea. What an amazing way to start the day.
 While W was enjoying his breakfast, I asked to take his picture. He wasn't pleased with too many pictures so he gave me a face. 
Haha... he's my muse!

We spent two hours eating breakfast, talking and siting in silence just to enjoy the moment. Then off we went on an adventure exploring the island once again.

We found Play House

We found Chef's Garden

We found Koh Bong

Song Saa Santuries

Gym with seaview

And then we came to enjoy our pool before we pack and leave.

Here we have our last lunch while waiting for our speed boat to take us home.

The End

In case you wonder why I didn't post picture of the room, I suggest you go to its website at where you will find better quality pictures which I guarantee it doesn't lie. Best view, visit the island yourself. I had an amazing time with W and we already have a plan to go back again.


  1. Where's the shot of you with white slim bin kin ? lol love it! I am jealous.


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