Acphirouh turns 2

Acphirouh is my pleasant surprise. He starts responding "bart" at 18 months. He has then developed a great speaking skill. He now able to converse in using simple language like responding to a question where his brother (Pheanouk) is at with "Bong Nouk Nov Krom" meaning "B.Pheanouk is downstairs". Then response to a follow up question with "Nov Moy Mak Tourt" and "Merl Tok Ta" as "B.Pheanouk is with great grandma watching Cartoon". 

He also knows how to return the favor as in "Acphirouh ot oub" as in "Acphirouh does not smell good" to which he would response "Acphirouh Oub. [whoever said to him first] uy".

He is also very quick to take action when he knows he can't get away with it. Like when it's time for bed and we were downstairs with great grandma, I'd say it's time for bed. Acphirouh would go "tvay bangkom" great grandma and "chumreap lea" grandma and grandpa if he's around, and walk straight upstairs.

Anyway, per usual, i celebrate a family birthday for Acphirouh. This round, we do it downstairs and with addition to some of mum's and dad's guest.