1st evaluation

I could hardly stay in bed though it was just 6 o'clock in the morning. Today, I'm going to be observed by my supervisor, Kheiv Khemra. I've done the poster, script, and lesson plan since last night still I don't feel well. It's just I still found somethhing is wrong with my lesson plan. However, idea was just refused to come out at that time. Thus, my teaching result in such a disaster. My friend asked, "why are you so nervous today?" I could hardly tell the reason why. It's just...I am so :(

3:30pm is a time my supervisor told to meet to get the result of my first evaluation. Phew!!! What a relieve! 65/80 it's not too bad though it's not as good as I wanted it to be.

Got some comments from him: 1. I should change my hand writing style with letter "a" and "y" :( that's my favorite but needed to change or else my student won't be able to read it. 2. I should becareful with spelling in my lesson plan. He should have seen my #2 lesson plan. It's a real good one but so bad, he observe my #3 lesson plan. 3. I should slow down my speed of speaking English. "It's quite fast" he said. Oh... it really is difficult cos I always talk very very fast whenever I am nervous. :( 4. I should give more phrase more to my student. I just forgot to do it and it sounds unfamiliar with me since the student are no so good to deserve the word "Excellent! Wonderful! Perfect! Great!"

Still I need to change or my mark will be very low :(


  1. are you planning to pursue career as a teacher of english?

  2. well, maybe... at least being a part time teacher, i think :D

    nice to hear u think so khmerbird :)

  3. I always wanna be a teacher... I agree it's good to be a teacher.. can't imagine being liked and appreciated from all students in the class. ^_^

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  5. one of my character is a teacher,
    i want to write few scene of the last day she is teaching,

    coz she is going to get married,
    ( i am writting a love story),

    you can find my project here:

    Project 1-3-2

    i think she should dress very nice cloth, prepare well her course,
    talking much in the class,

    coz she didn't want to stop teaching,

    somehow she will stop,

    so good luck Samphors for your begining of teaching,


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