Meeting with my new student

Here comes the day to meet my student. Guess what? I'm going to teach grade 7 student. So lucky lolz... it would be a disaster if I ever got a grade 10 or 11 to teach. They are just hard to control, unlike those kids in grade 7 hehehe... Well, I've met them once already and I'm going to watch my associate teacher on Tuesday then it will be my turn lolz... Along the way to meet my student, I've met many student of my friend's. They are so cute and lovely and so does my student. Most of them when I entered, asking me to be their teacher hahaha.... so happy, you know? But I think those are lucky since I don't think I'll be a good teacher for them. I just can't speak loud enough for them to hear, also I always be nevrous whenever I'm infront of a crowd that I could forget everything in mind. More, I rarely be well-prepared, this is the most important part of teaching :(( too bad!


  1. sounnds like u enjoy it somehow. my practicum was a complete disaster, especially with the 8th graders. but my 10th grade students were abosolutely adorable.

  2. this is your programe ..CamTESOL .. ?
    now you are teaching about this program ?? i just see in :

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  4. sorry Samphors I meant you not Khmerbird : )


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