Last day as an examinor

Phew!!! Finally, the day is over for me to be an examinor. It's been a very long and tiring day ever! I thought it's an easy work but who knows, it's this exhausted by just to sit, walk around, and do nothing. Actually, I think, because of the hot weather and the room that doesn't have the comfort at all, plus, there was a mess in class and the student are really naughty. Too bad, I wonder what they actually doing, taking exam or copying the exam. well, whatever!


  1. Examiner is the one who marks the papers, right? then, why do you care whether the students were copying their work or not?

    I think invigilator is tougher since it's very difficult not to take bribe from the students :D

  2. oOps!!! Have I used the wrong word? :-? Well, I don't think so lolz... I was not the one who marks the paper but the one who control them while they were taking the exam lolz... it's not the problem of taking the bribe but to see them doing the copying. who's this anonymous, anyway?

  3. Well, from the dictionary, it says examiner is the one who sets and marks the papers lah...


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