I wonder...

I wonder why god give birth to such an idiot person like you, kouprey, Phalla, working for a project to preserve wildlife in Ratanakiri province.

I don't need your constructive comment and don't call me pretty girl. I know who I am. You don't have to tell me.

Hate to say bad word to older people but never regret to use it on a person like you.

You should be proud to have me posted this especially for you. BUT one thing to tell, you are no longer welcome here. Easy to spell, G-O A-W-A-Y!!!

Note: He named hiself as Kouprey, NOT me.


  1. Sounds like it's been pretty rough for you lately huh. Well, while some people express their anger by hitting or breaking stuff, writing it out it's a good way to alleviate the anger you have inside. You shouldn't think too much about people's comments. I mean if you think it's good then adopt it but if you don't like it then just chuck it away. You don't have to live with it.

    Hope you'll feel better soon aight :)

  2. you are just being paranoid, phors. i gasped when i read ur last 2 entries. i couldn't believe i was reading such words of such a girl like you. i used to think u are a happy-go-lucky nice girl. but u prove urself to be poor old grumpy samphors. what on earth make you think those people are telling you to do things? especially if one of those is "neak Srea Jol Krong" who left comment to ur previous entry. i don't know what other people have said about you in ur blog. i didn't visit ur blog much. and i dont know in person as well. but as for "neak srea jol krong", i think s/he was trying to give constructive feedback NICELY. i can see it in those words he wrote. he didn't mean to offend you. he just share his ideas nicely. think again. SHARE IDEAS. you write it in a blog, phors, not a private diary that you keep in ur bedroom. people can read what you wrote and they can feel that they like what u wrote or maybe they don't. either way, they may want to leave their comments. that's what is called BLOG. and that's why a blog has this thing called "Leave your comment". a comment can be good or bad. a comment can be a praise or criticism. and i think it's good. if i were you, i would like it when people comment on what i did. i may want to know people's ideas about me. if u think they make the wrong assumption about you because they don't know u well u should defend urself NICELY. give them reasons, prove that u know what you're doing. i would not just blurt out things like " I feel disgust when ppl asking if i ever thought of others." or "I don't need your constructive comment." Now m also share my ideas on ur blog. it's idea. u read and think about it. use ur critical thinking. remember IFL lecturers try to teach us to have critical thinking. see what people do and think about it. not see it and all you've got is blank.

    remember one thing. sometimes we need to be reminded. i do think about those who suffer from poverty and m doing something about it but at times i indulge myself so much that i forget it (don't tell me u never) and when i remember it again i feel like a parasite. i need to be reminded sometimes. and i don't want to be a parasite. i think it's not just happen to me. i see it happens to lots of people especially the rich and those who are westernized/americanized. not all but most of them.

    as for being anonymous, i think they are just too lazy to log in. or they simply do not have the account. and both happen to me. i dont have the account of this site and if i have i would be too lazy to log in. i find ur blog by coincidence, i read ur entry, and i leave comments. (m the second person who replied to entry about shopping)

    one more thing, u'd better watch ur word before saying it out. the word like "idiot" and "disgust" is not something that make u look cool, especially when u say it to someone who is giving u constructive comment. I can’t believe it’s from the mouth of an IFL-trained teacher.

    lastly, if u don't allow negative message, u are showing people how desperate u are and it also means u're trying to ban other people to see negative feedback about u because all u want is praise comment on ur blog. (hmm...that sounds like what a desperate dictator does.)

  3. taraynu, u just gave comment at a wrong time...

    Come and blame me? you just make me feel worse. You don't understand and you don't have to try to understand how i actually feel. You read it differently from what I read. Can't I, IFL trainee, use the word "Idiot" or "Disgust"? I'm a human. I'm not all good. I don't expect anybody to think i'm all perfect. Thinking more precisely about others comment just makes me feel headache and life has no more meaning.

    that should be an end.

  4. anyway, thanks PK... at least, i got u who put no more pressure on my thought.

  5. Dear! I know it's been a tough time for you as there have been some unpleasant comments by an ecentric anornymous.

    gimme *hugs*

    Please don't think too much. things will fade away once you let them go. Don't keep in your mind! Life will be better for a positive thinker, but wil be worse to a negative thinker who likes to criticizes people illogically with no clear reasons or evidence like that anornymous here.

    Love and care for u always! *hugs*


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