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Hum... Guess what? I've been shopping almost everyday within a week. It was a real shopping, not shopping for window hahaha... Ok, I adore shopping and I enjoy it a lot. Well, somehow, other people won't do as much as I do cos they might don't like it or probably they think it's a waste to do so. Hum... Whatever! It's none of my business nor would it be theirs hahahaha... I don't actually needed to shop since I've just got presents from friends, family, and special one hehehe... [Really, I love what he sent me. I'll surely wear it and wear it and wear it hehehe... It's nice and it will be looking good on me hehehe... despite it's a little big :P] Still I wanna shop and shop and shop shop shop... TOooo Bad, I know. But who knows? I'm bad with that hahaha...

Er... the topic is shopping but i tend to have nothing else to say now. Hum... I wonder if i should describe everytime I shop during the week. Nah... I don't think I should nor would I do hehehe... Just as usual, lazy, frequent reason. SO end it up here and I'll post sth new next ;)


  1. why don u say a little more, like where what u shop? how to do shopping in Srok Khmer? like how to bargain...etc. that gonna b interesting.

  2. i love shopping too. my friend and i go shopping like every weekend. and we always end up broke in the third week of the month. but that's ok though we barely survive until the day we get our salary and start shopping a gain. but now i swear not to spend money carelessly because school almost starts and i have to save money to pay for the school fee.

  3. Hi pretty girl,
    I don't mean to offend,but I don't know if shopping is the common activity for most of Cambodians. I hope I might be not the only one among the other 13 million Cambodians to say that while minority of the khmers splash their money on their luxury life, the other might not even can be able to survive for their lunch and diner.....:D
    Anyway, not jealous, but I praise for ur luck instead, but why not we save that $ to help the others? You might have classmates who are facing the hardship in their daily life, that is the point to help them?..."the friend in need is the friend indeed" is not it?..

    Pi neak Srea Jol Krong....

  4. pretty girl is not my name and i don like to be called so as well. mind u stop using it? one more thing i'd like to ask, have u ever known wat've done so far? i'm not a millionair and i'm not a god. I can't help the wolrd. I can help and do good things due to my ability only. before asking for others to help, u should help urself first. telling someone what they should do is not a good idea, i'd say.


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