Tmr Thesis Presentation

Wish me luck !!!


  1. U are gonna be alright, my dear...

  2. All the best of luck to u, sweetie.

  3. Luck complements the heart. But concentration is what you need.

  4. Good Tharum! I like your words!

    All my best wishes!

  5. You're a classic example of a spoiled Cambodian Bitch. Reading your blog all you hear about is the things you buy, photos of you, talking about the fact that you have a car.....and more about you.....and more about how you think you are educated. Why don't you come to England or America and see how people with money actually live. You are amongst the 1% poorest people in the world yet somehow you think you are a superstar and you even keep a blog to show off to everyone. Cambodians by nature tend to feel like they are fored to respect people with money. So you know what I have a hell of a lot more money than you and I live in England so why don't you come over here and get down on your knees and give me a sweet little kiss on my asshole you greedy, self woshipping Cambodian bitch!!! People make on average less than $1USD per day in your country and you keep ablog about the things you buy. You forget what country you live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And on top of that most of your fathers money is probably from Corruption so we can thank the world bank and the IMF and everyone else your daddy steals money from for all the lovely photos of your new things on your blog. And somehow you think you deserve it.

  7. Firstly, I would like to thanks so much for your sweet comment in my blog. Also I do appreciate you for having spent time reading all my post. It really is amazing! What's more, you really have a deep thought of what is beyond the line.

    Secondly, I wanna say, I'm proud to be who i am, I am proud to be cambodian, I am proud to live in cambodia, I am proud of what I have, and I know I got what I deserve.

    Last, but not least, I don't know who you realy are. But truly, thanks so much for your comment again. Drop by more often, will you?

    Ps: I guess your smart brain can get what I really meant :)

  8. how good cursed, insulted, and swore to those who always look donw on cambodia.

  9. To anonymous who is a pommy (English guy or gal ?): I do agree some of your ideas over her blog. For sure, i think you should not have spoken a kind of uncivilized word to that girl.... She can does whatever she want ! Remember that it is her life not your ! or do you think that this world is only for a pommy people or a bitch nouveau rich like you ?

    Are you really a pommy or just a gringo asking for citizenship?....... Come to England and kneeling down giving you a sweet licking on your asshole? ....... scum ! is it a pommy culture? getting suck off it wiggy pom ! maybe :) cos when i was a student in London i used to see pommy girl licking a man ( i supposed that guy was indian or somewhere in Asia ) asswhole on the street and even in nightclub.... Ha..... very strange culture of civilized country treating a girl like slave.

    Remember that what her father did and her are different ! I don't think your are really english cos you like to handle in other people affairs ? No..... i say it is not EU mantality..... i guess you are somewhere from Asia.

    Ok, bitch and scum pommy, have to go now and if you need my sweet words to clear out your dirty brain you can drop by

    I'll give you some more lessons of life to live as a nice people in this world.

    Adios pommy :)

  10. Well that was rude of whoever to post that. But I suppose if they had said it more tactfully and without curse words they could have said it this way:

    The irony is that in Cambodia most people with a significant amount of money (enough to buy ipods, digital cameras, a car and post photos of them and brag about them on a blog) tend to get that money from corruption or they are Khmer that have lived or worked abroad. I would say it is next to impossible to buy all of the aforemention things in Cambodia having not received the money from corruption.

    So actually I LOVE Cambodia and think some of the nicest people in the world are in Cambodia. But.......

    I think the writer of the previous post got caught up in their rage.......but basically they were saying that when Cambodia gets over 50% of it's income from foreign aid and the GDP of the polulation is less than $1 per day that Cambodia will always be what it is if the money is stolen by corrupt politicians. And although they don't know you it is likely that the pretty photo of the handbag you posted on your blog was bought with money that was stolen from the country of Cambodia by your family...........

    So Samphor what does your father do for a living to buy you all these things. I'm not in Cambodia so he can't send a hitman....hehe lol

  11. hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

    Khmers kill 1.7 million people in their own country. People make less than $1 per day. It's one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It has the highest HIV rate in Asia. Brothels line the streets in every city. Military and police go into beer gardens, shoot the prostitutes and don't go to jail. Something like 60% of the country is illiterate.

    Oh my buddha and you call me uncivilized!

    You can thank the U.N and the pommies that you even have a country!!!

    I'm actually Vietnamese girl. You should come's so much nicer!

  12. hi, Vietnamese girl!
    I love you *kiSS*.

    You know about most corrupt country, can you mention where is the second most??.....lolzzz

    Since you seem very interested in Cambodia, i want you to know that,
    most girls in the line you're talking about are Vietnamese!!!
    hey, are you one of them?
    Oh my buddha, i wish i knew you...heheheh

    You people here are completely out of track,
    Samphors is jusk like most of other teenagers in other part of the world whose topics are boys, fashion and trendy. She just honestly wrote about herself,
    Don't you think it's very pure and very innocent of her? And that has nothing to do with how her father earn a living.

    if her plog annoys you, GO AWAY!

  13. Toch si toch, Toch si toch, Toch si will never stop unless people realize that it's wrong and are ashamed of it.

  14. Cambodia was on Friday warned by the World Bank that its economic future hinges on stamping out the flagrant corruption that has undermined the country's business prospects since the end of the Khmer Rouge era.

    James Wolfenson, president of the Bank, said Phnom Penh's top three tasks to promote economic development - essential to generate jobs for the youthful population - are "fighting corruption, fighting corruption, and fighting corruption."

  15. To Vietnamese girl called PHOUNG: Hey girl, very nice to get your feedback on my post. I think you should not mind about Samphors's life..... it is her life only not your.

    Actually, i don't know Samphorn,but i think she is in teenage and plunge into this youthful culture of showing off her stuffs. I think you are the one in teen or used to passed this life.

    Thanks for invite me to visit your country but i don't have much time flying from here to there. For sure, I know Vietname is a nice country in SEA but sometimes i don't think the people of it is as good as Cambodia.

    Can you imagine this ? people in the world never like vietnamese people ( sorry to tell you the truth ) you might ask me why ? ok, i am telling you:

    -They are invader people
    _Cheated and full of trick
    _Brutal and Violant ( this just think about your country invade Cambodia since 15th century until now ) and what happen to LAOS people ? The dreaming idea of Indochine idiology swallowing Laos and Cambodia.

    There are many more things i don't need to say..........

    Can you tell me that in your country there is no corruption ? prostitute ? Hivs ? just give me a clear detail on this.......

    I think you should have looked in the mirrow for yourself before saying this to other country as Cambodia.

    For sure that cambodia is the poorest country in the world. with their GDP people gain lower than $1 per day. But can you tell me how many vietnamese people migrated to Cambodia working as prostitute, robber, house constructor, long_shoreman ?

    This is over load for Cambodia government which have to take care of them as foreigner and allow them to live safely in their country and protect them from RACIST.

    I think for this, you should have say THANKS to Cambodian people who always nice to your people.

    About the country of Cambodia. As i known, i think they did not have a country during UNTAC. This is only the intervention of UN to the country which is the member of it. Your country also during 1970s was intervented by UN, I think you should have think about this.

    For sure, Cambodia has their own country and the oldest in SEA with great civilization. What about you phoung ? do you know the story of your country? You are a ethnic from South China and invade Champa country as your own since 12th century until 17th century. Can you imagine how people feel when they lost their land by Vietnamese migration? it includes Cambodia losing their land in late 19th and early 20th century.

    Hmn..... i think you should look to the world in peace is better phoung! if you have many things to protest me just go ahead to my contact and i would be happy to reply.

    Good bye and have a nice day to you and all vietnamese people.

  16. Hello Phors,
    Don't mind what that YUON girl have said.May be she is jealous of you.

    Hey bro, nice comment!

  17. Actually I posted two of the coments above (without bad words) and I standby my comments. I am Khmer but I won the lottery visa years ago and I have lived in the United States for ten years. I love Cambodia and Cambodian people but the state of the country is horrible. Cambodia will always be in a poor state when corrupt people go on shopping sprees and everyone gives them respect instead of looking at them like criminals which is what they are.

    I find it disgusting to see Khmer people living off corrupt money that's given to them by foreign countries to try to help Cambodia.

    When I go back to Srok Khmer I don't show off my money. I support my village. I have built water wells for people and bought people prosthetic legs after they stepped on land mines.

    And here we have a website devoted to Samphor buying things so she can show off and have status. The enire website is devoted to showing off an excessive life so she can try to get respect. I work for my money and probably make more than Samphors father steals and I don't show off my money when I go back to Cambodia.

    How about a website that actually has thoughts or something intellectual or something about education. But no Samphor has a website that talks about her new ipod, her new digital camera, he new handbag, her expensive restaurants, her new car, her RUPP education, her new handbag, and her shopping trips.

    Do you ever think Samphor.

    Maybe your daddy should come to America and actually work for his money!

  18. Dear all,

    First let me thank to all of you for being so passionate about Cambodia situation, thus yield all these comments. I am one Cambodian student who is also passionate about my own country and do not want to see it being a corrupted country as well.

    I have read all of your comments so closely, yet I never give any comments back on them as to me, most of them are nonsense, judging people with no ground, no proof. Moreover, some people used such a rude and insulting words that I hardly hear especially from a girl.

    To my Vietnamese girl, first thank you for caring about my country and being so passionate about it. Yes, I agree that Cambodia is one of the poor and corrupted countries, yet I don’t think that your country is any better than mine. If you are one educated person and so caring about corruption, you might have checked the corruption index of all countries researched by many universities as well as other organizations. Let me know if you see any much difference between Cambodia and Vietnam. I don’t want to talk about other things that you claim in your previous comments such as HIV, prostitute, etc...if you have time, you can just spare some of it to visit Cambodia and see what kind of work that your people are doing in Cambodia. Frankly, to me, you are just one little stubborn girl who know nothing about anything, yet you seem to claim that you know a lot and made judgment with no ground, no proof. Moreover, you used rude, disgusting words that I seldom heard from any girl. If these comments are from a kid, I would not say much…

    To most people here, I just do not understand why you all are so stubborn and judge people without knowing anything like this. You just see she got so many things, you judge that all this money is from corruption. Do all of you have no other idea of making money beside corruption or you think that all rich people, her father to be more specific, in Cambodia get money from corruption? Can’t they have other stream of income beside this? If your mind is only about corruption, Cambodia would have been worse if you are in the position which can suck out money from people.

    To Mr. Seam, that is very kind of you in doing so many things for our people and I appreciate it. I would like to comment on your comments a bit. There are different kinds of website that you can learn different things. However, this blog of hers is just to entertain and share her life with her friends who are living in different countries and I am one of them. I have read her blog for so long and I don’t feel that she is showing off or sth like what you mentioned. It is just her life, and there should not have anything to bother you. If you do not like this entertainment, you just go to look for other website that you would like to read. Another thing that I would say is, it seem to me that you are the one who show off what you have. You are telling us that you have so much money than her father has; you have built this and that for people. Don’t you think that you are showing off your money or showing off that you are kind? Or you don’t think that it is a show off to say such things publicly like this? From what I know, her father has done much more than you have done to people around him, yet she never mentioned anything in her blog unlike you. Well, I am kind of confusing when reading your comments on showing off. =p.

    One last word from me is, how much do you guys know about her father that make you all judge like him like this? From what I have known, he has been always nice to every people around him such as fr, neighboring people etc.

    PS: I don’t want to read all of this nonsense and groundless comments, so if you have any things to talk with me, add me in your yahoo list. My ID : You are more than welcome to talk to me (a gentle warning, I dun want to see too stubborn person in my list. If you think that you have valid idea to talk, then you are welcome to talk).


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