I'm tired with blog

Tell u wat? I don like to be told to do things i know i should do and i hate to hear ppl complaining that i'm such a bitch spending and enjoying life while the rest, or majority, are suffer. I also feel disgust when ppl asking if i ever thought of others. u know, not saying doesn't mean i don do. but i'm not telling u that i'm doing sth. don confuse, please. i feel bad and my word are bad, so my writing is like this. but who cares? it's my blog. who doesn't like it just leave it. u know, i feel tired of blogging in here since ppl tend to think i'm such a waste. it's just me. and please mind ur biz. i don feel like being kind now.


  1. hi Miss, who made you like this? actually i really like to read your writing, i always read your blog, so don't care about others just make your blog to be a good one. "Do what you like".

  2. Good writing, Phors. I've been waiting for ur reaction quite long...

    To all the negative anonymous comments: "It's HER life not urs." so plz mind ur own biz and not hers!

  3. Some people are too damn to say negative things on others. We're human and we feel hurt when it happens to us even though we know it is just evil deeds of those crazy people. It's alright to feel sad, but do not let them win. After all, I want to let you know that I always enjoy to visit your blog and read what you write. Be happy, sis!

  4. That such an anonymous should be brave to show his name when he criticizes s.o else..


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