Thanks Mum and Dad, I Love You Two

I felt the joy in my dad's heart when seeing me changed to be a punctual person; However, I disappointed him this morning. I woke up late (very late). He saw me getting into the car, thinking I'm ready for work and being in a rush that I forgot to drink my Orange Juice. He tried to call me and brought the glass to me so I can drink and go. But I was in my night dress, driving the car out so he can drive his to work as mum told me that he's got an important meeting. I felt so wrong when I saw him put on his upset look. Hum... USELESS ME, can't even make dad happy.

Look at my mum, a few days ago when I went down a little early, I went into the dinning room, she was having her breakfast. I asked where's my Orange Juice, it usually is there every morning but not today. She replied "the maid might have forgotten. I will make one for you if you just wait a minute". Just as she was saying, she went in the kitchen, get the Orange, the stuff and get started making one for me. Awww.... she really shouldn't have. Thanks to her, anyway.

This morning as well, when she went into my room asking if I were ready for work since it was 8o'clock already. I said "Not yet mum, not even getting my shirt iron". She said "Quick, shower and I'll do it" Awww...(again) She really shouldn't have. Thanks to her though.

I felt loved and guilty since all these are things I shall done for her, not her doing so for me. But anyway, I'm trying to be a good kid now. Won't let her do such a stuff for me again (only if I could lolz...) Well, at least I got a will. Not too bad, right?


Happy Always said…
That is very nice to know that you have this will. You can do it. she does not demand much but a simple love from you to her, i believe..
Random Blogger said…
yeah every mum n dad love their kids.

Dear i know u can do it. :D
Sopha said…
Try a little by little n u'll get to ur will dear... :)

Good luck! xxx
oh..when i read your comment i really miss my mum so much. she alway the thing and the way for me like your mum too, but now i was gone far away from her. so i do it myself.
Mum...i miss you!!!!