Clean Up Day

Having no one being free to bring me out, I spent whole day at home, more specifically, my room. Since I moved into this new room, I've never had a chance to really tidy things up. So, after awaken, I decided to do it. Now you may see how nice it is hehehe... The only thing I dislike about is the bedsheet. I mean duh! It's pink! No Cinderella! No Tigger! This is not my thing #_#


  1. Hey Samphors, morning! it is very nice bedroom. How good you are at decorating your stuffs in your bedroom. ^-^ hee hee
    Anyways, i will need some ideas from you, when i need to decorate my bedroom.....Cheers

  2. geeezz! looks like we're having the same room. hahahaha


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