Pay off Dream

I couldn't remember what exactly was my last night dream, but there is this thing that I did: CRYING HARDLY. Once awake, according to my grandma's and mum's believes, there will be LEAP today. I didn't really pay attention to it though. But late at noon, while shopping with sis, I got love this bad so much but since I'm in financial crisis, I sadly decided not to buy. As always, my sis couldn't stand seeing my sadness look which then she bought it for me. Awww... how lovely! Thanks NAK BANG!!! So you see? I started to believe in my dream now. Hope to cry in dream again hehehehe...

Isn't it lovely???


  1. heheheh ... Nak Bang may wish to get one for her other twin sister for she may think it's right to have other of her twin sis to have the same thing as this twin has it.


  2. you are alright,sometime dream can become true,but sometime is opposite,anyways wish you have a good dream all the time.take care,welcome come my blog

  3. Your dream could work out only if you have such a generous sister,right?


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