Before going to KR, my sis went to Sorya to buy new shoes; Yet, unluckily, she found nothing in her type which in the end she decided to buy nothing. I somehow manage to get these few DVDs from various shop. I never plan to buy them but they just caught my eyes like the first one is Becoming Jane. Seeing its cover, I can tell it's a movie from Jane Austen's book. Without hesitation, I grabed it and pay. There are two other movies (1) Because I said So, starred by Mandy Moore; (2) Land of Woman, actor: Adam Brody (starred as Seth in The O.C). I was recommended by Bang TO that the Kickin' It Old Skool is good, I then put it in my bag and of course, pay. The other movie is The Hapily N'Ever After which was released kinda long long ago yet always missed seeing for my sis keep saying she got it, she got it, but never give me. So now, I'm not gonna miss it again. I buy it and own it. The last one is not Movie but you know, Ulead Photo Express that my sis keep asking me to send her. Now you see? Your goodie twin is buying you. Will send later lolz...


  1. awww! save all the movie for me. i've been searching it for years.


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