Another get away hehehe...

Don't use your heart but your brain but I once again use my heart lolz....

Alright, during the tough time climbing up Mt.Fuji, I suddenly felt missing home. I held that thought. Not long or strong enough to stop, I went straight to the agent to get the ticket right after I was back home from Beach Camp. Yay!

By the time this entry is posted, I will be long gone hahahaha...

Purpose of going back home:
  1. To visit my PC (He's been sick for too long)
  2. To see the dentist (My very last tooth doesn't know where to grow properly)
  3. To get my mum's Herbie repaire (He's been left out since he's not of a use)
  4. To eat those food I've been missing (Ah Pork and Bang Pheara made me hungry lolz...)
  5. To er... I guess meeting family shouldn't be mentioned since it's too obvious that I've been missing them and logging to see them hehehhee...
  6. To join my lil' cousin's BD (so she won't wind up for having a bad BD lolz...)
  7. Last but not least, to surprise s.o hehehehe... and to cheer that s.o up too




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