On my way sending W off to his work, my bro saw us. He called and we talked. It last at about 5mns, we came to a decision for BBQ at home. Right after I got home, I looked for mum. She was out. I called her to help out for tonight party. She said OK. I sms my bro and sis to come over for the party.

Surprisingly, as I arrived home, I found that the party was not just a simple one. It has more food that I asked for, more dessert, and more people. It was fun. Thanks to Mama for such a lovely help hehe...

Below are just few pic that was sent from Nak bang.

Enjoy the food so much eh?


Me and Mum
Sis, don't be jealous. I just gotta hug her tight to make you jealous hahaha...

Me and granny

Elen, ME~*, and nak bang

Me and W

Girls only lolz...

Almost all of us ^_^


  1. Okay, I am jealous. But this is weird that I could not find Bang To while his gang were all there. Or because he's the one who took the pictures, again? kekeke

    How was Tim, anyway?

  2. oh my eyes! There was Bang To. I guess he shrank until I could not spot him. hahahaha


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