Dear My left handed lady

Your noisy and annoying one finger typing is making me sick. I cannnot think of anything to write at the moment. I need to finish this paper today. You know that, lady? Oh yeah, you have no idea because you are busy making that stupid noice out of your one finger typing skill. And you are taking the gutt out of me. DUH!!
How I wish I never hurt my PC. I need you badly lolz...


  1. to tel u the truth, most of ur posts I never understand. Anyway, I still love to read those puzzles article :)

  2. Sis: yeah, it sounds funny when you are not in that situation.

    Daravuth: Thanks for still coming by even though you don't understand hehehe....

  3. hey, that's not daravuth. it's me ramana :(

  4. er...talking wit ur finger or ur hand? ....>_< My IQ too

  5. oOps! Sorry ne, i thought ramana is daravuth hehehe... sorry ramana ne!


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