Gifts in no occasion

There doesn't always be a requirement for a reason to give or receive a gift or two. Today, out of ordinary day, I received two things from my friends. Have a look with its little description.

Rose, as always, red is my most favorite if I were to choose one. This is second rose I've received from R on Graduation Ceremony which is not mine. Click, if you wanna know when was the first. This picture itself is not my rose but Yeng's. But since it was taken in my DC and it looks really nice. They yeah, I gotta make use of it hehe... (hope you don't mind ne Yeng!)

Late this evening, after class, I went shopping with Oun Nhor (Sorry guys, this gotta be a more important in some unknown circumstance ne!). With another unknown reasons, she got me a gift. Look! Stitch is so happy to get it.

Now, thanks to R and Nhor for the gift. You know, out of boring moments, tiring days, complicated hours, [dot] [dot] [dot] the rose and gift lighten up my mood once again. Glad to be your friend ^_^


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  2. Sis, is that cookies? Save some for me! lolz

    PS Can you ask Heing that I want a rose too? :D And make it yellow, please. kekekeke


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