Pictures of tortfeasors

Finally, Tort Law class came to an end with an excellent result lolz... One down and three to go!

Cambodian Team
The most member among all

Laos Team

Mongolia Team

Myanmar Team


Uzbekistan Team

Vietnam Team

All-together (with prof.)


Phossdey said…
Aya, where did you get that black bangle, sis? You know what you look like a rock star instead of a law student. hahahaha But hey, Cambodian has most members!
Svetlena said…
agree wit bongTouchy^^
Unknown said…
it the first time for me in your blog!
I just create my blog. don't visit me na!
blackandwhiter said…
Haha...i don't like tort law, cuz i didn't get good score at ELBBL :P u both did excellent job, bravo!