New Choice ^_^

Hewlett Packard and Vivienne Tam

Can't get my eyes off her *blush*

***Note: R, I know you gonna love this hehehe...

For more info. click here


  1. sure, i love both thing and ... hahaha

  2. First look : when I can see only a bit of picture, I thought its a book

    Second look : I look at the last pic wit a lady holding it, I thought its a bag

    Lastly look : I look at all three pictures, oh geez, its a very cool silly me :P

    PS. U gonna grab it, sis?

  3. Elen: It's not gonna release until Jan 09 :(

  4. and... what is that Hieng?

    If they've got pink ne?

  5. Same question as Sis Phossdey :P Do they have pink :P Heh heh


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