Chak Banh Chev eh?

10 days since my arrival. I don't remember getting away from blog this long without a thought that it's been so long. Anyway, just a little friends and family gathering at home. Simply eating Banh chev, Kuong, and many many more. I could explode on the day lolz...

After eating, take pic :D

Playing lotto after lunch. Had so much fun!

P.S: Touch, this is an update for you :D


  1. Oh Virak was there too? hehehehe ... I could see Nak Bang put on weight now, which is good. Well done! Keep it up .... kekekekeke see you soon, actually! Happy ... hehehehe

  2. what occation? tell u one thing... i often win when i play loto and chose the orange or purple katong.. do u believe in it?

  3. Hmmm... unlucky me that I didn't join with you all :-((

  4. Jom, Ke chak Baj Chev pel na neng? merl tov sa by dol huy nor?

  5. Wow! can i join the LOTO time? have a very nice time at home na!

  6. oh I was doing gambling... I did not win at all has ha but so much fun. Sombo Nak Kbal Kouch nas


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