The Unusual

I was woken up by the light. The curtain was not closed. I felt odd. Did I not closing it or... well, I just couldn't remember. I pulled myself out of bed and wondered why the house was so quiet. I went down and found no one. Everything to me seems to be just as the way they were yesterday. Well, beside, I was not woken up by any noise or anyone today. Obviously, sth had just gone wrong. Quiet, that's not what it had always been in this house. Anyway, I just didn't know how much wrong was it. So, I took the time and made myself breakfast. 'Hum... when did I last went in and actually do the cooking?', I asked myself when entering the kitchen. I didn't have an answer. Does it really matter? Nah... I got a bowl and pour a hip of chocolate cereal into it. Tell me you didn't expect me to really cook anything, did you? No answer. This feel exactly the same as it was before the six months passed. I am eating breakfast alone. I somehow smiled to myself. Such a great feeling!

'Wake up!!! You're late! late! late!', you screamed to my ear and started pulling the blanket out of me. 'Urgh... what is it this time?', I asked with my eyes closed. 'As promised, remember?', you announced and continue the bossy talk. 'Alright, alright, alright', I cut you off, 'I get it!'. What a wicked morning, I thought to myself. Why do I have to have not enough sleep? Why couldn't I just sleep till whatever time I wish. Why couldn't you be a little nicer? Why couldn't you just let me do stuff on my own? Why couldn't you just... before I could really open my eyes, everything went black.

I gasped and my eyes were wide open. You were sitting by the bed. 'I was about you wake you up', you spoke with a smile. 'Oh...', I said, 'you don't have to do that now', I returned the smile. 'Everthing is ready in the bathroom', you said. 'You have 30mns to get yourself ready', you added before you left the room. I took the glance at your departure. What if this is real? Having you gone for good. I'll be free from all obligation you said I am attached to. I'd be able to play my own routine. I'd be glad to have the day comes. I'd be throwing a big party for my freedom. I'd be... Well, I should shower now.


  1. You must've excelled in your Literature classes at IFL, right? :P Nice story nicely-put.

  2. Haha... thanks. LS is my favorite subject. Still, I didn't really get high mark haha...


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