Family New Year Eve Lunch

I missed KNY for the last two years and I couldn't remember how much fun I've missed until today. A real blast, believe me, it is. Especially when such a celebration means to meet all and everyone of the family once again. A little sad though, you know DOM&DEY weren't here. Even DAD is gone to Malaysia. But the kid, our next generation, do keep KNY spirits alive. After receiving their gift from elders, they had fun gambling in Khla Khlok, grandma's favorite game. It reminds me that every time grandma is unhappy, Khla Khlok will make her forget everything and she'll give out a very big laugh when playing. Such a great joy!!! Above are my huge family tree!!! I'm loving them all.

Happy Khmer New Year to everyone!!!


  1. Oh, Happy Khmer New Year! Year of Tiger ... roar .. akakakaka

  2. Yeah, that's very sad we were not there. I reckon we should try to be there next year! Good idea??? Our family is growing big now ... and I'm loving it too ^_^


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