Happy Khmer New Year, Year of TIGER [Grr.. Roar]

12 years ago, I was extremely excited knowing it's my year, Year of Tiger. This year, I feel honestly old. Mum suddenly said, 'almost 25 heuy na kaun' when I was acting funny in front of her :(

Anyway, let's welcome New Teveda together!

Teveda landed at 7.36 AM hehe... After that, we just prayed for happiness in the family and everywhere else. Later, we went to a nearby pagoda, Wat Tvay Dongkom. We often go there since we were younger.

So, here I posted with my bro at the spot where we used to take photo (but donno where is that old pic now hehe...)
Anyway, I still fit in my more than six years old Pak and Hol! Yay!
That's for you, Touch!

And here are all of us :)
oOps! Except the little cute girl in yellow. She just unknowingly walked in when we were taking the shot hehe...


  1. hahahahaha yeah, i was about to say "hey, you still fit in that old Pak and Hol" good for us! I was not sure where that first pic was ... after awhile .. gezz your expensive camera did a good job. hahahaha like this one!

  2. Lolz... You've been away from home for too long sissy; not the camera.


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