Off you go, outta ma heart

The day I left really was the day I was gone from your heart. Time and distance did it all. Neither you nor me know it would end up this way. Honestly, because I still love you that's why I am writing here. Anyhow, it doesn't matter. I'm done trying. I did try bringing you in; I see you were closing your door. It hurts but I've learnt to accept this truth from you. Regardless of so many things we have in common, we won't go any further than where we used to be. Let's just blame it on the destiny then because I'm not going to take the blame and I'm not going to blame it on you too. It's a simple fact that we both have known all along yet I have doubt if you do know now. You are now what I pictured and wished you'd be. However, when you have become to be this person, I knew, I like you better the way you were. I'm happy to see you've changed though; but this change has changed our relationship too. And it is never going to be the same or at least, I hope it won't. I'm just a scary cat who scares to get hurt over and over again; so I will never ever let it happen again.