Dear Sissy,

Happy Birthday!!!

We're 24 but I see you've moved so fast, from my twin sis to dom's wife and soon to be flo's mother. Truly admire the courage and whole process of it all.

We're once again at different part of the world but at least, we're closer than last year lolz... So you told not to be upset. Yeh, not much but can't do it with the "not at all". I still wish you were here with me. We're still twin, for goodness sake!

I love you!


  1. >_< I love you too, sis. But hey, all that's progress is a part of your love for me :D Now, you should be happy that you have made this twin life so beautiful. ;)

  2. Happy birthday to you both, sis! Have a great time and enjoy your special day :)

  3. Touch Touch: It's pretty and rare; I thank mum and dad for giving you to me haha...

    Barbie: thanks oun!!!

  4. Jom ... I'm yours pikal? hahahaha you are mine. I was bigger ... and 'm going to be bigger! Now, I am 48.50kg... hahahahaha


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