Weekend Getaways

Purposely, the trip is about a birthday party of an in law at Battambang. Taking the opportunity of being out of town, we spent a night at Pursat at another in law's place. Oh yeah, so many in law now haha... We left home at 09.00 and arrived Pursat at 11.30. We headed to Mlob Svay for lunch. After that, we rushed home for a little freshen up and rest. We were then ready by 16.00 and left for Battambang at 16.20. It was a fast ride and we arrived Battam bang at 17.20. Exactly an hour lolz...

Here's our fun at the party

The next day, we went for breakfast at 8. Left town later and headed to Nak Ta Klaing Moeung and Koh Thah. I got some shot at the two places. Enjoy!!!

@ Nak Ta Klaing Moeung

Arrived Koh Thah

Here we found our spot

Then, we walked around for some shots

Here's my Mum and her in law

Here's MUM

Here's Mum and Bee

And then Mum again :D

Mum, aunty and me :D

We can also cycle around


My pretty mummy hehe

Mummy again

Bee and her friends, Anny

There are many more to post, let's just end it with mum's pic :D


  1. Nice party ... and mummy is pretty and young as always. ^_^ Wish I were there too!


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