Well, should I or should I not mentioning it? Let's be honest. I can't hide this feeling of excitement every time June arrives. Though my birthday seems to be less and less fun (simply because we're only getting older. And I don't see the fun of being old when I really am getting older lolz...), I still can't stop the brain from thinking: "My birthday is coming, my birthday is coming, my birthday is coming...". And even though I know that when the actual date arrives, nothing wild is gonna happen, the word still rings in my ears until then. And later after the date, "My birthday is over, my birthday is over, my birthday is over,..." will continuously ringing in the ears until June really is over.

Is it too obvious or is it enough to hint any of you,



  1. I am your twin and I feel the same way. :D

  2. haha...i think most ppl get this kind of feeling sis :D

  3. Just today i went thru ur blog, Phors. I really interesting with this post. I can understand your feeling even if i were not born in June but my sis did. She was always so exciting when June was coming in. She was alw asking me abt her present. what would i buy for her this year? Unfortually, this year I had no chance to buy her any gift. This June-2010 was hurt me the most. The June she was born, it also the June of her left. She left me without return.. :(
    anyways, I wish all the people who were borned in June all the best and good luck all the time.

  4. Crystal: I'm sorry to hear about that. There's one phrase I've learnt from a friend that says "Even though you can't see me, it doesn't mean I am not there; remember, I always am here in your heart". And so, you sister is always be there in your heart, Crystal! Take care,


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