Once a Hobby

It's been a long while now that I haven't touched the ink. Today, I visited two coffee shops and got to spend some moment alone. For that, I had the chance to do thing I have once lost interest, drawing. Continuing the passion, I picked up dusted paper, dug in for pencil and collected brushes and ink when I got back home. And here's the result.
Pretty plain and blank. I may further adding some stroke to it. Will see.


PhaPha said…
Looks like she's getting lost in the wood. ??
Phossdey said…
I love your passion and your style. Keep doing it!
bun bonina said…
most of your arts are showing misty moods. just like hidden feeling of yours hahaha
Sambo Samphors said…
PhaPha: I see you see the other angle of the moment ;)
Touch: :)
Nak Bang: Feeling is too complicated to define! hehe