Another new restaurant in town! Wanted to try when we found the advertisement back in April but it was not yet opened. And now it is for about two weeks already!

STONEGRILL is a luxurious type of restaurant with a mixed of nationalities; Offers of two types of food, Japanese and Western, together with a whole range of drink are for your selection. STONEGRILL located in a prime area, if I were to note. Facing the river under the dim light of the beautiful chandelier enhance a romantic ambience. A recommended spot for a date ;)

Oh well, let's have a look at shots I took.

The Stone is said to be 400 degree Celsius. It was hot the entire eating time.

I'm in love with the bar and the chandelier!!!

From 5 to 8 PM is a happy hour. Buy one get one free!

Finally, US ^_^


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