Happy & Sad

Catching up with technology may be very exciting; yet, also very sad for me as that means I have to let go of the old one.

Now, which one of you two is willing to leave?
That's my type of sadness -____-!

There goes the sad part. Phew! Here comes the happy one ^____^

My eldest brother is a man of jokes and tricks. The younger ones and even my mum got tricked, sometimes, by him. His latest joke was buying me an iPhone 6 because everyone is getting one. It's a trend and I wanted one too but I can live without it given the old one still functions. Anyhow, I don't mind gifted one if he would buy me one, so that was my joke in response to his. We've been going around with this joke for a while and ta da! Today he made it real. Oh yeah, I'm excited! Woo hoo!!!


Phy said…
How nice! Why not share your experience with it?
Phossdey said…
Did he leave it the house for you hunting? lol