Happy & Sad

Catching up with technology may be very exciting; yet, also very sad for me as that means I have to let go of the old one.

Now, which one of you two is willing to leave?
That's my type of sadness -____-!

There goes the sad part. Phew! Here comes the happy one ^____^

My eldest brother is a man of jokes and tricks. The younger ones and even my mum got tricked, sometimes, by him. His latest joke was buying me an iPhone 6 because everyone is getting one. It's a trend and I wanted one too but I can live without it given the old one still functions. Anyhow, I don't mind gifted one if he would buy me one, so that was my joke in response to his. We've been going around with this joke for a while and ta da! Today he made it real. Oh yeah, I'm excited! Woo hoo!!!


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