Bankers Annual Dinner 2014

Around this time of the year, Association of Banks in Cambodia host Bankers Annual Dinner, having the honor of H.E. Chea Chanto, governor of National Bank of Cambodia ("NBC"), together with few distinguish guests and all banks and financial institutions under the supervision of NBC.

So I attended the event with my colleagues in the name of HLB. To no surprise, I've also met with few of my friends and in laws who works for different banks. Last year was a boring one, this year turns out great for me. I've also got a few shot to share below:

 HLB team: B.Vithou, B.Sathya, Soktry, B.Huoy, ME~*, B.Noun and B.Phoan

 With B.Lis and Nak Bang Nay

 Just another shot before we headed home


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