Little Thing Counts

I woke up with this gloomy sky, grey cloud and the rain would pour at any moment. First thought in my head was I hate waking up. Then I hate having to go to work. Follow by I hate my job and it continued until...

My colleagues sent out an email sharing everyone my work and advised everyone to take it as an example. I took it in a positive way like it must be good to be shared and used as a sample. The day went well. I kept receiving 'good job SS' via email and the same during the meeting. Regardless of how late the meeting took place (I get home around 8 p.m), I felt satisfied with my job. It's not a bad day after all ^_____^


  1. What you said is not little, Phors!

    No doubt you have a lot others can learn from.

  2. B.Phy, like who are the lot others? haha...

    Touch Touch, Sankyu! Muah!


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