Finally gone

My birthday night was a painful night that i've ever felt. Never wanna sleep, though it's my favorite, as i know when i open my eyes in the next morning i'd see him gone. That's not what i want but well,... that's our future.

As i went to bed so late i was also late to see him off, so bad :( However, we still spent the last minute together. Time pass quickly that i really don't wanna go for exam. Finally, my hand is at the back of his while his is at mine. I could feel his heart beating for me as mine was doing the same. That was the last thing of all.

Wait!!! i called him in my heart !!! i was really regret to have forgotten giving him the box but luckily as a lady there knew who i'm seeking for when i was back then she told me to look up. There he is!!! I was really happy. The box handed and we're apart...



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