I'm Complaining Again!!!

Today I woke up early, same to the first day starting exam, but I was not so early to arrived yet i was not late. It was not so good nor bad. After that I went home, planing to read some handout for another tests in the afternoon. But I just couldn't do so as when I laid down on my bed my eyes close automatically that when I woke up it was lunch time. Lazy again lolz...

Ok, then can do it after lunch. However, I still review nothing. Just as usual, I surf the net, but this time no chatting ;-) Hum... time pass quickly that it was time for going. Am I ready to go? Er... Yeah, I guess.

First session didn't take very long like what it used to as we've already done the RT2. So we just do some listening and give some comments on our work. Oh... Gosh! I didn't do the presentation! Too bad! It was a group presentation, actually, that is done on Friday 17th, when I was in Thailand. It was er... how to say? I dont know but actually, my group suppose to do it on Wednesday 15th but due to his late teaching he delayed it to Friday. I had set the plan perfectly when I decided to go with my MUM. However, it went wrong, so wrongly, that it turn me down now. To replace that I need to do a single presentation on this coming Friday, which I'm going to have an exam in the morning and oral test in the afternoon, as well as the duedate of writing review.

Hum... I am complaing again. Ok, better stop doing this but start the work or else I'll surely die.

Oh!! forgot to tell that my afternoon test was done so good, better than what I had expected. Well, cos this is my favorite subject, LS. Quite an easy one that everyone would also say the same.

Ok, end it here...


  1. wat a busy gal! hehe... and happy to hear that u did well for LS! Good luck with the rest, Gal!

  2. er... i define the word good diff from other, u no? quite low dat u might not say dat it's good but to me it is heheehehe... anyway, thanks :D

  3. come on. don b humble gal! hehe... all the best anyway!


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