Survive today, Die tomorrowy

Well, today I woke up early and dressed up faster than usual because I need to take an exam at 7. I was not the first to arrive as there were many of them when I get there. Well, the test was not so difficult as those are just what lec. had said during class. However, I miss some little questions for which I've never heard her speaking about it as I hadn't attend all the session for that subject. Actually, cos I never read any book or handout that is given. So bad! That's the result of laziness... However, I know I would pass though the mark will not be really good hehehe...

Lucky that in the afternoon I don't have any test or else I'd be so stress. However, tomorrow I would die, surely. Cos you know what? I'm going to take an exam and two tests. Damn Stupid! Why they love to have it on the same day like this? Can't they just delay for just a day or two? The subjects are WS and CS... Frankly, I've read nothing about CS till now though I know I'm going to take it tmr. This is just because I don't like that subject for which needed to memorize a lot. I hate it yet I face it alot for the major I'm taking now :-(

I'm quit!!!!

OH.. this is my luck already that needed to take only 1exam and 2tests. Actually, I was about to have 2final exams and 2tests tomorrow. But due the the kindness of my evening lec. he delay the date of that exam. However, it will fall on the same day to IFL final examination... Still bad :-(


  1. Keep goin dear! Study hard and all the best to you... This is a student's life!!! Don't complain! All u need to do is to carry on and get going =) Good Luck, Gal!

  2. Strongly agree with Kalyan! this is academic, don't complain darling :p. But frankly speaking, WS n CS today r both hard. Still, i know u'l pass :)


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