Fairwell party for Lec. Romny

What is better than to have fun? I feel so glad that I did enjoy so much with the party that is celebrated this afternoon. It was so nice, all food, environment, and people. you know, there were many singers hehehe... they are my friends and lec. lolz... I just realize more and more that all A3.1 students are not only good at studying but also at singing (excluding me lolz...). This is too not only student but also Lec. Ah... so nice to hear her sing. So beautiful!!!!

After that we went to Parkway. Ooh... Ah... Ouch!!! [Screaming]...[laughing]... [more] guess what is that? LOlz... Bumping Car!!!

Enjoy seeing pics below that is taken just this afternoon. So sad that my cam had no more batt. that can't take any pic at Parkway. However, still got quite a number of pic to see. Enjoy!


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