First Preparation Break Day

I'm so free recently that I woke up really late this morning.

Just watch a movie after lunch that is Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Quite later than others; however, it's not too late to see lolz... Not yet finished the movie properly I went out with my bro's gf. As the place that she needs to go is quite far she needs me to help in driving lolz... also she wants companian for the reason that it's her first time to have a try in cam. for a TV program. Well, she did quite well. Also she seems not to nervous at all when people around. If I were her at that time I would have done nothing but stun hahaha... I have no confident at all while she got it.

Well, I feel glad to have time spending with her because she's someone special to my brother. U know, I wish I could do that with Ur sister as well but it seems impossible as Ur sister's age is quite far from me that our favorite might be diff.

I had dinner alone as when I came back everyone had it already...

Now writing journal to kill the time that I'm waiting to see a movie in TV kekeke... too free that have time to watch TV now lolz...

Anyway, wish U all the best and hope U'll be fine soon.


  1. Feel free n relax my dear. M sure he'l be fine after seei dis message of urs :p

    Oh just wanna admire de way u write my name in de link-bar. It's nice...i love it :D

    Wel, after de final exam, i'l redesign my blog n put dis name hery.


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