Smile comes to me :)

So nice after all the things are done despite tmr last paper. I'm gonna be out of depression soon :D Now looking forward to have fun on this coming Sunday... It will be so much fun but might be a bit sad that our beloved lec. is leaving us :( However, she leaves for good :)

Well, tonight I feel so full with my favorite food that MUM cooked for me hehehe... I love MUM alot that she always please us. I don't think I can be as good as her lolz... So lazy like this nos :P

Lëïzëë Pïggëë~*


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  2. Wel, if u wanna know whether or not u can be like ur mom, i'd suggest u get _ _ _ _ _ _ _ soon n hav _ _ _ _. Then u'l surely can check de result...hehehe...m i right baby? :p


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