Finally, I'm here in PP. I was out of town for 4days that it was so bored to have stayed mostly at the hospital, eating those disgusting food, meeting those stupid people in a pulluted country. Never had I wanted to live in any other country beside my own, where I could enjoy my time with my friends and family. Also never had I felt that ppl in my place are others beside those who a not in here...

Er... what was I talking about just now? I don't know lolz... anyway, now loging for the trip on Sautrday and Sunday. It must be really fun, I hope ;-)


  1. Which country did you go to? I'm just wondering how much it is polutted there.

  2. YO! thz for viewing my blog samphors(dunno how to pronounce ur name though haha). anyway, what's PP? hehe:D

  3. ^PP stands for Phnom Penh.

    Hello Sam
    I enjoyed your blog.
    Keep up the good work.


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