Hong Kong?

Hong Kong?

What do you think?
Interesting, isn't it?

Heheheh... yeah, it is to me. I always wish to go there one day. Now here comes my chance. Mum and sis are planing to go there next month. They asked if I wanna go but you know, I have to pay myself. Hum... That's too bad, right? I need fund now. Anyone wanna help? I would appreciate that if you do ;)


P.s: To go or not is depend on donation. If enough, I'll go but if not, I don't have enough luck to get the chance :(


  1. hahaha..... come on! Or u want me to share the money i wil get from the fundraising for u? oH i no. Organise a Fundraising project like m doing now. u wil get a lot of money haha

  2. Oh dear! Really wanna help...but u know? I myself also have to save $, for m planning to visit there with my buddies.

    So i hav to help myself first hery na :)

  3. I want to help you.but I am broke too.what about 5 YEN?

  4. Are you still accepting donation? Here is my $0.5 :)


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