Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, up to the network problem, I can't post any pic that I do wanted to share. However, I still can post some words in here.

By the way, I've just finished one book called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a sort of fantasy story in which I would love to read all day long. It's been well-known for its unbeilieveable imagination of a woman named J.K.Rowling who had written 6 books of Harry Potter series and who had became one of the top millionaire for her best selling books. And this, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is the 6th which had just realeased on the 16 July.

In the story of the 6th book is not only about the magic and all those creepy thing that has happened to a boy named Harry Potter but also the passion and love of teenager which have made the book even more unique. What is more than that, sorrow and pain are always be faced by all kind of people though they are more than just a human being. Harry who had known to be The Chosen One in wizard world had faced again the lose of his beloved and regarded head master Albus Dumbledore, a man who had always stayed behind giving him hope, courage, and help since he enter Hogwarts where Harry always feels he belongs to and that he feels like being home. In that scence, though I was just reading I was in tears because of the so emotional way of her writing.

Well, sadness and painfull feeling hadn't made him lose track from where he always be on. He still determine to chase the most evil wizard, You-know-who or He-who-must-not-be-name or easy to call, Voldemort who had killed his parents for his power. And also who had made him lost his god farther, Serious Black. And esp. that was the one who always trying to kill him, Harry Potter.

Really, I assure that it's the most interesting story I've ever read and I could never put it down once I got into it. I've been following since the first book was printed and its characteristic is differ from one book to another though it's mainly about the boy named Harry Potter.

Now I'm loging for the 7th book to be published and I'll be the first one on the line ;) (only if possible)

Anyway, I would like to say thanks to my dear who had sent me the book cos no store is good enough to sell it on time in here. And thanks for being known all about my needs and wants. Thanks and thanks again. :)

With Love,


  1. he will make it to be the first one to give the 7th book to you again, if there is


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