Finally be able to be online ;)

Finally, my pc is repaired so I can be online at anytime I want. It dose sounds great; however, it didn't turn me up since all the files in my pc are gone. Not even a single thing is left. Imagine, all your works and pictures are no more can be seen or read, tell me how you feel.

Anyway, i did have a great day to which my result was out and I pass (no mark were told). On the same day, I met Rasmey Hang Meas's singer and stars on a conference for a new film. Well, they all look greater than in TV. I did take picture with them all ;) To some people, I am crazy in such a thing, but to some other people who got the same favorite as mine, they would say that's cool lolz...

For what is more special than this, I got an iPod from dad. He's just back from a trip to US, France and more, maybe, as I'm not sure. Well, he got me an iPod nano to which i love alot. Hum... Guess what? Before that, my bro got me and my sis an MP3 Player as well but I didn't take it as I thought my sis loves it more that I do and I think I can wait to get it later when he's back next time. However, as you can see, I don't really have to wait, I got it. Cool huh? Sometimes luck just came lolz...

By the way, during my absent day, I spent time with my little niece. She's ill and her mother was gone to see the doctor with my mum and her mother-in-law. Also my class started to which I got 3 assignment to do. By now I finished only one still have two more left. Well, not in a rush for my 3rd assignment that the duedate is in the late December, quite long huh? It seems but might not if I forgot it lolz... This means I need to do only one more assignment that is due this Tuesday. Hum... I just don't know how to start. Well, I'll just have to finish it tonight no matter what.



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